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Water Barriers Hire


Water Filled Barrier For Hire in Melbourne - Water Barriers To Keep Roads Safe

Water barriers are perfect for situations where you’re dealing with pedestrians or low speed zones. With an intuitive interlocking system this barrier is able to move through angles of 120 degrees.

Unlike other barriers, the barriers we use are fitted with retro reflective tape and have have provisions for hazard lights, pole signage or mesh fencing.

The barrier also complies with Australian Standard AS1742-3-1996 Traffic Control Devices for works on roads, Section 3.10.1 (C).

Product Specs:

Water fill to top

355 litres

Impact speed rating

n/a kph

Joining system


Provision for amber light


Provision for mesh fencing


Provision for pole signage






Effective length


Overall length


Weight empty


Weight full


Water barriers are ideal for situations dealing with low-speed zones and pedestrians. With an intuitive interlocking system, such a barrier can move through angles of 120 degrees. Since concrete barriers are the most prevalent types, there’s another in the market that has not only made a surge in sales but introduced its effectiveness. Here, we’re talking about water-filled barriers made of polymer panels with considerable water holding capacity.

Once filled, water-filled barriers can transform into a proper barricade. And, if you are one of the public or private road transportation companies, you have come to the right spot.

Why Should You Adhere To Water Barriers Hire Services?

Since these barriers are cost-effective, portable, and only require a substantial amount of water to be filled pre-deployment, they make up a seamless option.

Provides Better Visibility

When it comes to concrete barriers, they inherently boast a dull grey appearance. Consequently, this dreary display is unsuitable for being utilised as a warning sign or indicator. On the other hand, even the traditional barriers done with luminous paint lose their lustre with time. Keeping this in mind, water filled barriers hire can offer better visibility, thanks to their plastic body that can be custom-finished in numerous bright colours.

Plastic tends to retain its colour with its full intensity for an extended period than concrete surfaces. That’s why water barriers hire products that continue to exhibit better visibility, making them an ideal product to be placed on the road.

Highly Customisable

Customisation is yet another area where water-filled barriers beat their traditional counterparts. For beginners, it is relatively much easier to customise water-filled barriers with logos, ads, and messages repeatedly. Guess what? Plastic surfaces are uncomplicated to work on. Therefore, one can quickly remove the existing prints, paints and replace them with new ones. And, when it comes to concrete ones, the customisation is not easy

Water barriers hire is one of our services that can be redeemed by any individual or company. It does not end here. While many water filled barriers hire come with a removable panel, they can help connect hinges and pins. Such a feature ensures you can adjust the barrier’s frames in line with other requirements. If you’re interested in more, adhere to water filled barriers hire services and transform it into a sturdy site parameter via modular fencing.

More Durable

A water-filled barrier is crafted with high-density polyethylene that can withstand every form of rough and challenging outdoor conditions, allowing it to last for years. Besides, water barriers hire are more durable due to their shock absorption property.

You might ask, how’s that so? The plastic from which it has been made is the game-changer.

VMS Solutions Is A Leading Name

Our water barriers hire comply with Australian Standard AS1742-3-1996 Traffic Control Devices for road works, Section 3.10.1 (C). And if you aren’t aware of the specifications, here’s something you need to know:

  • Water fill to top – 355 litres
  • Joining system – Interlocking
  • Provision for amber light – Yes
  • Provision for mesh fencing – Yes
  • Height – 1000mm
  • Effective length – 2000mm
  • Weight empty – 32kg
  • Weight full – 387kg

VMS Solutions provides safety solutions that include barriers, trailer signage Melbourne, arrow board trailer, variable speed limit signs, speed advisory and more.

Trusted by our clients

We provide you advice on the best equipment for your project or task, and work with you to ensure optimum placement, operation and maintenance to achieve a smooth running project, and safe movement of traffic.

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