VMS Trailer Signage in Melbourne

Why Do Roads Need A VMS Trailer?

Variable Message Signs or boards are electronic signs used by private and public agencies to remind and inform the general public about any changes or updates concerning road traffic, public safety, community events and various other things. However, when it comes to the VMS trailer, they are commonly stationed or maneuvered on highways, motorways, roads, freeways, tunnel entrances, and numerous parts of Australia’s rural areas.

It’s relatively more likely that you have driven past at least one of such electronic traffic signs or observed one as a passenger on your recent travels – but can you recall the last time you saw one such VMS trailer? Perhaps you got stuck in a jam on the way home, getting agitated as to why there was more traffic. Well, you then ask yourself, what’s going on ahead? And, while you are still sinking in such a thought, you see trailer signage indicating there has been an accident up along the road.

VMS Trailer – More than signage!

Providing such information to motorists through a Variable Message Sign can benefit the motorist by relaying insight on specific delays. Besides, this is only one of the situations it can be used for. Since it is movable or portable, VMS trailer signage Melbourne comprises several other benefits.

Key Benefits of Using Variable Message Sign Trailer

Reduces traffic congestion

Traffic congestion is a considerable transportation problem that road authorities and motorists encounter daily. Moreover, traffic congestion can quickly increase with roadway expansions, travel growth, and developing infrastructure projects. These primary factors can significantly interrupt the desired amount of motorists travelling on roads, causing a massive amount of congestion.

Considering every situation closely, introducing a VMS trailer has made quite a mark in traffic management to reduce congestion. Having trailer signage that can be moved across can offer advanced earnings directly to road users to assist them in staging information and making alternative choices.

Trailer signage Melbourne to prevent road accidents

According to the National Road Safety Strategy, in Australia, the lives lost due to road-related accidents are close to 1200 every year. Transforming road conditions may provide an unexpected scenario for motorists, primarily for those used to travelling the same route. Stationing a Variable Message Sign trailer to display advanced warnings could help prepare themselves for changes and could be a big difference between an unfortunate accident or someone returning home safely.

Below are two instances where a VMS trailer can be utilised to help avoid accidents.

  • Example 1 – Lane Closure Advanced Warning

A VMS trailer can be put on duty to offer advanced warning of an upcoming road closure. The trailer will update a driver on changing traffic conditions.

  • Example 2 – Speed Limit Changes

Speed limit alterations and changes need to be communicated. A Variable Message Sign trailer can be moved to the right spot to offer different speed limit change messages. This will provide information to passers advising alterations on speed limits or specific reasons for speed limit reductions.

  • Numerous Communication Options

Portable Variable Message Signage has the potential to display a range of messages across many screens. This also allows the ability to communicate effectively and quickly with motorists or pedestrians.

Besides displaying multiple messages, a VMS trailer can operate in conjunction with several forms of accessories to offer further detailed traffic insight, comprising:

  • Real-time traffic updates relating to road incidents
  • Detect and advise speed limits
  • Live estimated travel times


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