On any given day of the week there is a gathering of people in Victoria. Whether it’s a rally, community gathering, march, or another reason for us to come together. We do just that – come together. At VMS solutions we are your partner in ensuring that your event is not only up to code, but your guests are in as safe a situation as possible.

We are able to work with you at any point in your planning process whether it’s the early stages or a date closer to the event. We can help you understand not just the council requirements, but also what are additional opportunities to provide a safe place for your guests to enjoy themselves without you having to worry about their potential for risk or injury.



  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly rates available.
  • We provide round-the-clock, 24/7 maintenance.
  • Access our full equipment catalog for your road works

A suggestion for your next event: 

5 Colour LED Signs (VMS) is an ideal solution for:

  • High impact advertising
  • Direct marketing to customers 24/7
  • Perfect for Product launches, Promoting sale events and Specials

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We provide you advice on the best equipment for your project or task, and work with you to ensure optimum placement, operation and maintenance to achieve a smooth running project, and safe movement of traffic.

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