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Keeping VIC Roads Safe


Electronic Road Signs in Melbourne for Traffic Management & Safer Roads

KEEPING OUR ROADS SAFE is the number one priority for VMS Solutions. That’s why we apply our expertise to provide you with the highest quality, most reliable traffic control systems, portable traffic lights hire, variable speed limit signs, traffic light hire and equipment.

 NDIS Approved Provider

VMS Solutions is excited to announce that we are now approved providers for the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme).

What is NDIS?

The NDIS, or National Disability Insurance Scheme, is a government funded service for people with permanent disabilities under the age of 65.  NDIS provides funding for supports to an individual that they need to survive. Services include a wide range of assistance focusing on increasing independence. For example: therapeutic supports (physiotherapy and occupational therapy), custom prosthetics and splints, adaptive equipment for independence, home and auto modifications. More information on available services and qualifications are available on the NDIS website.

Roadside advertising has become quite prevalent in the modern era. Not only has it graced the roads today, but one can’t imagine driving without observing a billboard anywhere. Not long ago, traditional roadside signs were utilised to accommodate the safety and security of passers. However, things have changed, and technology has leveraged several forms and types of electronic road signs. These electric advertising and safety signs, also reckoned as Variable Message Signs or LED displays, can change their advertising messages now and then just by clicking a button.

How Are LED Road Signs Dominating The Current Market?

Numerous businesses have opted to upgrade to LED road signs in Australia. Besides, if you are a business owner, this would be an ideal time to replace your current static billboard with an electronic road sign. We at VMS Solutions offer cutting-edge and highly-visible electronic advertising with the possibility of delivering effective messages and signs that can engage and attract drivers or target customers.

When on the road, safety cautions and messages can be pretty potent in getting a driver up to the speed of what’s coming. This is where road safety signs can come in handy. But, before we move further, one needs to know their benefits.

Display Safety Messages

For potentially risky and changing conditions, the public must be aware of what they will encounter. With variable message boards or LED road signs, you can pre-warn road pedestrians and users of the changing circumstances ahead of them. As a matter of fact, you can assist them in reacting and behaving appropriately.

Perfect for Advertising

With surging numbers of electronic traffic equipment within the market, many establishments have started to lay their trust in using VMS trailers.

Affordable and Effective

Getting electronic road signs has never been more affordable. We have priced and designed a vast array of LED road signs and road safety signs keeping specific factors in mind.

Premium LED Lights

The LED lighting utilised in our electronic road signs has the required Certification and approval, implying the variable message signs are of the highest quality. Furthermore, they can be seamlessly used for enforceable road signage or advertising, depending on the nature of your roadwork.

Our range of traffic and road products can help increase visibility and safety around roadworks, warehouses, car parks, and delivery areas throughout school and similar zones and wherever pedestrian or traffic hazards exist.

Why VMS Solutions For Road Safety Signs Melbourne

As already discussed, roads are equipped with hazards and advertisements. However, while ads can catch the sight of your eye, threats need to be administered quickly. How do we do it – by dedicating or installing road safety signs or LED road signs that can be maneuvered throughout the road.

We have a wide range of boards available for hire, Utilise the latest LED technology to produce graphics, text, and even animations wherever, whenever needed. In the end, we ensure that these electronic road safety signs can be used for speed enforcement and traffic management.

Specs you should know about:

  • Real-Time, continuous display, 24/7
  • (AS4852-2-2009) Australian Standards Compliant
  • Customised dynamic display functions
  • Message changeable at any time
  • Ultra-bright LED lights for clear visibility
  • Solar-powered and energy-efficient

Our Services

We provide services and best-in-class products for all types of roadwork projects and events.

water barriers hire

Road Works

Together with Vic Roads pre-qualification and over 10 years of experience in supplying equipment to both Traffic Management and Civil engineering companies, VMS Solutions offer you the best service and reliability in the hiring industry.


VMS Solutions is your total event partner. We take our years of experience, to not only deliver your event – no matter how big or small, but help you deliver your desired event outcome. Whether all you need is a VMS board, pedestrian barriers or the whole shebang, you can rest easy knowing you have the support of a full team of professionals taking care of your entire event. Let us be your one stop shop for all your event needs.


Variable Message Signs

Electronic message boards (VMS) are a great option when it comes to displaying information in a simple, eye-catching manner. We have wide selection of VMS boards for hire, which utilise the latest LED technology to create text & graphics.

Trusted by our clients

Our Products

We Provide Best-In-Class Service And Products. Here Are A Few Products We Offer.


VMS - Variable Message Signs

Electronic message boards (VMS) are a great option when it comes to displaying information in a simple, eye-catching manner, We have wide selection of VMS boards available for hire, which utilise the latest LED technology to create text & graphics.


LED Light Towers

Our LED Mobile Lighting Tower are the new generation in LED Lighting Tower technology. The units utilise highly efficient LED lamps mounted atop an 8.5m vertical, hydraulic mast with a 48vDC extra low voltage lighting system for added environmental sustainability.


Water Barriers

The KI 1000 Barrier has been designed specifically as a pedestrian and low speed zone barrier. Its simple interlocking system allows barriers to remain connected while moving through angles 120 degrees each way. The interlocking system also allows for barriers of various shapes and sizes.


Speed Advisory

Are a necessity when it comes to traffic management for major or minor road projects, monitoring speed, notifying drivers of changes in speed zones on freeways, main roads, mining sites, school zones and the likes.


Traffic Lights

Portable traffic lights are an easy and hassle-free option when it comes to use in road work sites, event traffic control or management and all traffic control in general. Our lights come with an easy to operate controller.


Arrow Boards

The trailer-mounted LED signs are fully solar powered. Our arrow boards are easy to use and once set up you don’t have to worry about a thing. The boards are visible from a far distance so motorists will be aware of conditions ahead. 

Our Work

You can find our products all throughout Victoria. More than likely you’ve driven by or been at an event where VMS Solutions was used to help provide a safe environment

We provide you advice on the best equipment for your project or task, and work with you to ensure optimum placement, operation and maintenance to achieve a smooth running project, and safe movement of traffic.

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