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LED Light Towers Hire

The V20 Hyper is a new mobile lighting tower equipped with 4 x320W highly efficient floodlights. It provides more than 140 hours of run time and delivers one of the lowest sound pressure levels in the industry- only 58 dB(A) at 7m. The exclusive Hyper version, with Omnia® LED Technology, allows the operator to point the floodlights in every direction to provide 360 illumination and are available with anti-glare options.

How to fit the anti-glare covers

Portable Light Tower For Hire in Melbourne - We Provide LED & Anti Glare Lighting Towers

GTL01 digital controller

The V20 HYPER is equipped with a GTL01 digital controller specifically studied to manage every function of the light tower for the best ease of use.

Top accessibility

3 doors for a wider access. 2 compass-top doors with «wing» shape provide a complete access to the engine for a safe and convenient maintenance. 1 back door allows the access to the digital control panel.

The lowest noise level!

Innovation means also decreasing the noise level! The V20 light tower emits only 58 dB(A) @ 7 meters.

Long running time

Thanks to the V20 HYPER’s fuel saving features such as the small engine and the LED lamps, this model can run up to 143 hours without refueling.

Double power

You can connect a V20 HYPER to another V20 HYPER and run two lighting towers with only one engine.

Our outdoor activities often experience a hindrance with changing sky colours. But, what do we mean by that? For instance, if you are indulged in occupations that require outdoor lighting, you might be hitting yourself into the wall. More so, even in the dark, we operate, but the technical issue of lighting always comes in the way. Now we can either find a solution or call it a day. Having said that, a solution is an ideal option, and what better than Portable Light towers or any light towers hire!

Lighting towers hire are pieces of equipment with one or more high-intensity electric lamps. It is attached to a mast attached to a trailer with a generator powering the lamp. Now, these are the lamps that illuminate the night. Speaking of lighting towers hire, they are portable and can be easily transferred wherever required.

When And Where Are Portable Light Towers Used?

After the sun has set, redeem the services of portable light towers. Besides, they make it easy to work and move. And while various activities can survive without such a tool, some would need it. Those activities include the likes of:

  • Construction and demolition – Also known as construction light towers, these lights help the workers with their work after dark. This reduces risk and increases safety.
  • Mining and oil refinery – A site with various risks, it is only practical to have light towers at every site for night workers.
  • Farming – Farmers too can use these lights for their aid at night for seamless access to their fields.
  • Sports – Sports fields require several floodlights that can be replaced with light towers to continue playing the game.
  • Emergencies – Natural calamities and emergencies do not see the time. Amid dark hours, to save and protect, Portable light towers come to the rescue.

Why Choose VMS For Light Tower Hire?

VMS Solutions provides V20 Hyper for new and better lighting equipment for light tower hire. But, how are they better than others and why does VMS choose them? Let’s check some details to understand better.

Omnia LED Technology

V20 Hyper version comes with Omnia LED Technology. This makes it possible for the operator to point the floodlights in every direction and provide 360 illuminations. They also come with an anti-glare option.

GTL01 digital controller

V20 Hyper is equipped with a GTL01 digital controller, making it perfect for Light tower hire.

Top accessibility

There are three doors and two compass top doors for more comprehensive access. These compass doors are wing-shaped to provide complete access to the engine for safety and maintenance. Also, one back door allows access to the digital control panel.

The lowest noise level

Noise can affect your activity and disturb others. These towers can emit only 58 dB(A) @ 7 metres; they are the best option for Light tower hire.

LED Light Towers Hire Have A Long-Running Time

This model can run up to 143 hours without refuelling. It has fuel-saving features such as a small engine and LED lamps.

Double power

You can connect two V20 HYPERs to one engine and run two lighting towers simultaneously. The power doubles, and so does your efficiency. Consequently, this is why you must choose LED light towers hire services or electronic road sign.

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We provide you advice on the best equipment for your project or task, and work with you to ensure optimum placement, operation and maintenance to achieve a smooth running project, and safe movement of traffic.

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