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Here’s one of our Portable Traffic Lights.

Built to recently updated Australian Standard AS 4191:2015 for Portable Traffic Signal Systems, and to Australian Design Rules for Trailer Manufacturing.

Traffic Light For Hire in Melbourne - We Provide Portable Traffic Signal Lights

Portable traffic lights (PTL) are an easy and hassle-free option when it comes to use in road work sites, event traffic control or management and all traffic control in general. Our PTL’s use ultra-bright LED’s for maximum visibility. And when using multiple PTL’s they communicate with each other up to 3km (subject to environmental conditions)

1 to 4 Way Applications:

  • 2-Way Plant Crossing Control
  • 2-Way Shuttle Control
  • 3-Way Shuttle Control*
  • 3-Way Intersection Control*
  • 4-Way Intersection Control*
  • Multi Daisy-Chain*


Traffic Light Hire – Why Is It Getting All The Attention?

Safety is a pivotal part of successful roadwork. Besides, the unpredictable nature of pedestrians and motorists, and massive machinery, can create a combination where mishaps and accidents can occur. As a result, traffic management equipment is constantly being improved and developed with the intention of eliminating the potential of accidents leading to severe harm.

While we ponder on the subject, it’s essential to understand the practical nature of these portable traffic signal rental.

Increased Safety

The primary reason to utilise portable traffic lights hire is that they can remove the requirement for traffic controllers from the road. By eliminating human intervention, the probability of traffic controllers being harmed gets a dramatic hit, which further depends on the type of traffic light used.

While the PTL2 trailer units work autonomously, PTL3 tripods need a traffic controller to accommodate and manage traffic lights. But, they can be entirely off the road and change the light from far off.

Temporary Traffic Light Hire Offers Better Visibility

Portable units tend to use bright LED lights visible during the night and daytime. They can even cut through the fog and heavy rain in many situations. Moreover, LEDs can be seen from extended distances and assist motorists in anticipating different road conditions as they approach. Yet another advantage of LED’s is the long-lasting life and energy efficiency nature making them effective.


The services of traffic light hire are straightforward and do not involve any substantial paperwork. Once you have hired the portable lights, you can set them up easily and conveniently. Less preparation and training is involved and relatively more time getting the job done. In addition, the design of every unit provides the best advantage from the very least amount of equipment.

Cost Savings

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, a traffic light hire Melbourne runs longer and saves a wholesome amount. When considering traffic controller risks and labour costs associated with using personnel over a machine, savings become apparent. One must know that the units operate through solar power with backup batteries and do not incur any maintenance fee for recurring operations.

Why Do We Need Portable Traffic Lights Hire

The portable traffic lights are equipped with a sturdy road-ready dual trailer system that travels together as a single unit. They can be quickly separated onsite for cost-effective transportation.

With the capacity to maneuver multi-way intersections and T-junction controls, one or multiple sets of lights can be set up to manage traffic securely. Temporary traffic lights hire is one of the services covered by nearly every traffic management company in Australia for the smooth flow of traffic and road safety.

The portable traffic lights can be utilised for various other applications to safely and effectively manage traffic. Some of these applications are mentioned in the rundown.

  • Road constructions
  • Road construction
  • Bridge maintenance and events
  • Utility work
  • Event traffic control
  • Power outage
  • Emergency response

We provides safety solutions that include barriers, trailer signage Melbourne, arrow board trailer,
variable message signs, speed advisory and more.

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We provide you advice on the best equipment for your project or task, and work with you to ensure optimum placement, operation and maintenance to achieve a smooth running project, and safe movement of traffic.

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