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Otherwise known as electronic message boards, otherwise known as VMS boards, are a great option when it comes to displaying information in a simple, eye-catching manner, for hundreds, if not thousands, of people to see. We have wide selection of VMS boards available for hire, which utilise the latest LED technology to create text, graphics and even animations. Typically these boards are used for events and advertising promotions, but they can also be used for traffic management, speed enforcement and anything else you may be able to think of.

Product Specs:

  •  5 high visibility colours (red, green, yellow, white and blue)
  • Effective for displaying logo’s and other graphics
  • Real Time, continuous display, 24/7
  • Australian Standards Compliant (AS4852-2-2009)
  • Customised dynamic display functions
  • Ultra bright LED lights for clear visibility
  • Message changeable at any time
  • Energy efficient, solar-powered

A variable message sign is a digital road sign that displays real-time traffic conditions to passengers or pedestrians. Speaking of which, many research pieces have advocated that drivers like to sight Variable Message Signs on the road, and for all the good reasons.

Why Are They In Demand?

What if you get stuck in traffic and do not know what’s holding it up. Would you get out of the car and walk up to the cause’s focal point in such a situation? No, right! Who has the time to indulge in such a scenario? Thanks to some of the intelligent individuals who introduced VMS to transport management. These VMS boards and signs are not only mobile and effective, but they are also multipurpose. And, guess what, most passers read them to keep up with what’s happening.  You would be thrilled to know that some VMS signs are solar-powered and equipped with GPS tracking devices to check multiple locations simultaneously. Here, remote operation enables the controller to change the message from any site. In addition, they are available in various ranges and sizes for public and private firms to pick or hire. However, if you wish to check VMS boards hire, it would be best to contact VMS Solutions. 

They’re More Than Just Signs!

Variable message signs can do more. There are several VMS boards hire services in Australia. As a result, getting a VMS board is not challenging. But, the question persists, which company offers affordability with products.  Moving on, there are some benefits you should know before buying or hiring our products. 

VMS signs reduce traffic congestion

Going a day without traffic congestion is virtually impractical, primarily if you live amid the city. Also, more communities are coming up, implying more motorists daily. Having said that, plenty of things can result in tight congestion like accidents, road construction, and emergencies. So how does a VMS hire work? You can utilise variable message signs to communicate with motorists about what’s happening on the highway. For example, if an accident has occurred causing traffic, one can adhere to a VMS board hire services and station a signboard to warn them. This allows them to select an alternate route, alleviating congestion. 

VMS signboards are versatile

VMS hire services can be redeemed without any further ado. One has to get in touch with VMS Solutions and leave the rest to them. Besides, it is essential to understand the nature with which you wish to use a VMS hire service. If you’re caught in the thought, know that it’s versatile and can be used to communicate about bad weather, special events, construction, and public service announcements. 

They are affordable

Once you have applied for a VMS sign hire service, you just have to worry about the message that will flash on the screen. With electronic signs, you only have to change the information, not the entire sign. Additionally, VMS signs can be moved from one place to another and need less maintenance than permanent signs. These features make VMS boards worth it in the long run. 

The VMS Hire Melbourne Trusts

At the end of the day, it comes down to how signs communicate on the road. We specialise in offering variable message sign hire services since everyone’s requirements are unique and distinctive. Consequently, we have added many alternatives to make finding everything under the same roof easier. VMS Solutions provides safety solutions that include barriers, variable speed limit signs, arrow board trailer, portable traffic lights hire , speed advisory and more.  

Trusted by our clients

We provide you advice on the best equipment for your project or task, and work with you to ensure optimum placement, operation and maintenance to achieve a smooth running project, and safe movement of traffic.

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