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Otherwise known as electronic message boards, otherwise known as VMS boards, are a great option when it comes to displaying information in a simple, eye-catching manner, for hundreds, if not thousands, of people to see. We have wide selection of VMS boards available for hire, which utilise the latest LED technology to create text, graphics and even animations. Typically these boards are used for events and advertising promotions, but they can also be used for traffic management, speed enforcement and anything else you may be able to think of.

Product Specs:

  •  5 high visibility colours (red, green, yellow, white and blue)
  • Effective for displaying logo’s and other graphics
  • Real Time, continuous display, 24/7
  • Australian Standards Compliant (AS4852-2-2009)
  • Customised dynamic display functions
  • Ultra bright LED lights for clear visibility
  • Message changeable at any time
  • Energy efficient, solar-powered

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