Want to get to work on roads and streets in Melbourne? Grab a shovel and get digging! Well, it’s a little more complicated than that unless you’ve got the strength of a real-life John Henry, and even then you’ll need to make sure you’ve got all of the bureaucracy out of the way first.

If you intend to perform roadworks in Melbourne, there are many ‘boring’ but nonetheless important documents that are needed before a single spade or excavator shows up at the job site.

Below are some important things to know about council permits & traffic management equipment and plans:

Traffic Management Plans

The most common form of documentation needed prior to commencing any roadworks in the City of Melbourne is a Traffic Management Plan (TMP). These plans are required for any work carried out on public roadways, streets, footpaths, or lanes whereby temporary changes to traffic conditions, detours, or closures are necessary.

These are required on account of the Road Management Act 2004, the Road Safety Act 1986, and – particularly pertinent for traffic management equipment – Australian Standard AS1742.3.2009.

How to Obtain and Submit Traffic Management Plans

What is contained in a traffic management plan and how is it submitted? The TMP must be drafted by a qualified transport/traffic engineer (a subset of civil engineering) and contain all of the relevant information regarding the works to be undertaken.

Quite often, these plans are simply CAD drawings showing an aerial top-down view of the road segment or intersection where the works are to be performed. Details such as traffic cone and water barrier positions, positions for traffic management personnel, and so on are common additions. The placement of these are seldom haphazard and instead are determined by qualified engineers, so always obtain a professional consultant to complete this plan.

More specific information on TMPs can be found in the Standard conditions for Traffic Management Plan approvals, which is an important document to review before submitting the TMP for approval. Once the TMP has been completed, you will need to submit it to enquiries@melbourne.vic.gov.au.

Other Permits/Approvals

There are many other specific permits and approvals that may or may not be required for works in Melbourne. These are really needed on a case by case basis, so it is recommended that you contact the City of Melbourne directly should you have any enquiries regarding permits and approvals.

Some typical examples of permits that are required for traffic management equipment – and personnel and the subsequent works to be completed – include:

Traffic Management Equipment for Roadworks in Victoria

When procuring traffic management equipment for roadworks in Victoria, it’s essential that you abide by all permits and approvals as well as building and safety standards. There’s a lot of compliance needed on an ongoing basis to ensure that everyone is safe and sound, after all.

The last thing you want to be worrying about when carrying out roadworks is the standards of traffic management systems themselves. You want it to arrive on-site safely, on time, and to function as it should. That’s why clients consistently choose to work with VMS Solutions.

VMS Solutions

Get in touch with us at VMS Solutions to learn more about our traffic management equipment.

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