When one thinks of roadworks and administration, perhaps the first thing that may come to mind is public projects funded by taxpayers. While much of the equipment used on roadworks projects is rented by public entities such as VicRoads and the Victoria State Government, many private sector companies have great reasons to rent safety equipment and variable message signs from VMS Solutions as well.

Below are some of the ways in which VMS Solutions delivers quality solutions to companies in the private sector.

Construction Job Sites

Residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects often involve many stakeholders throughout the project, such as engineers, architects, tradies, and the property owner. While some perform daily tasks on the job site, such as tradies and foremen, others may only occasionally visit the job site. In all cases, however, safety must be one of the foremost concerns of project managers and site foremen.

Safety starts with each and every employee contracted. Job site safety training and personal protective equipment can go a long way towards mitigating occupational hazards and risks on the job site, but large-scale safety equipment can also contribute to a much safer working environment.

Some methods of construction site safety include LED light towers, water barriers to channel traffic or to control access to the job site (or areas therein), as well as traffic lights when public right-of-way is impacted by the project.

Private Events & Festivals

When planning a big party, things like variable message signs perhaps aren’t top of mind. Nevertheless, the excellent utility of VMS boards and other safety equipment can ensure that large events remain safe and secure for all attendees.

Whether it’s a large outdoor festival, political rally, sporting event, or just about any large gathering taking place, it’s crucial that event organisers consider all aspects of safety. This includes hiring private security personnel, but it also may involve renting water barriers to control the flow of vehicles and/or pedestrians at the venue.

VMS boards are also ideal for temporary venues since they can be placed facing the road or highway and alert drivers of where and when the event is taking place, where to turn left to access the event, or any other customisable message that you desire for your event.

Private Roadway, Driveway, and Car Park Projects

Large construction sites typically involve a lot more than simply excavating a foundation and building a large building. Depending on the project and the consultation of traffic engineers, it may be found that the developer requires a traffic impact study in order to determine their contribution to traffic on the road network.

Subsequently, the developer may need to fund the construction of an additional lane, create driveways where instructed by engineers, and/or create a car park with sufficient space for the type of property being developed. Developers should always consult with the local council authority regarding the necessity of traffic impact studies and what their obligations are in order to proceed with the project.

All of these projects must also remain just as safe and secure as the accompanying development, which is where private contractors and developers must consider renting safety equipment such as traffic lights, water barriers, and/or arrow boards, for example.

VMS Solutions

Hire quality safety equipment from us at VMS Solutions.

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