The V20 Hyper LED light tower for hire by VMS Solutions offers unrivalled illumination for a wide variety of applications. Equipped with anti-glare, 360-degree floodlights and a 140-hour runtime, it’s amongst the best LED light towers for uses such as:

01. Residential Construction Sites

Whether you’re a building contractor overseeing the construction of a single residential home, a subdivision of brand new builds, or a high-rise apartment block in urban settings, adequate illumination is necessary.

Not only is safety a key concern, both for tradies working on-site and for inspectors and visitors, but LED light towers also keep the building site safe and sound at nighttime, too. Vandals, thieves, and unwanted guests can be deterred from entering a construction site once all the trades workers have gone home for the day and the sun has long since set. They are the quietest on the market with the lowest sound pressure levels available; at 58 dB(A) at 7 meters so the neighbours will be able to sleep well at night.

02. Parking Areas

If you own and operate a car park, investing in permanent lighting solutions is a must. Again, safety and visibility are key. You wouldn’t want people parking their cars in a car park where they can’t see a few metres around them, nor would you want a car park where women or vulnerable people may feel at risk from strangers or criminal activity. 

In interim periods, such as if permanent lighting is temporarily unavailable, LED tower lights can provide adequate illumination for motorists. Moreover, and perhaps more practically, makeshift car parks that simply lack the infrastructure of permanent car parks can make excellent use of LED light towers hire.

Whether you’re hosting a large event and have arranged for parking in fields or other rural settings or your makeshift car park is located off-site and guests will be staying until the wee hours of the morning, our LED tower lights are the perfect addition.

03. Commercial Construction Sites

As with residential construction sites, commercial construction sites require adequate lighting both at day and during the night. For example, cramped urban development projects may simply lack proper illumination at certain angles. Moreover, commercial developments located in dense, urban areas may attract lots of unwanted visitors at night, to which LED tower lights can act as a deterrent.

04. Trade Work Sites

Although your average home plumber, electrician, or spot welder may not require an LED tower light for day-to-day use, larger projects where tradies are involved almost always require ample light to make the job efficient, safe, and well-lit.

Tradies will also enjoy the fact that our LED Tower Lights are easy to set up and install, emit little noise, and can be relocated fairly easily thanks to their wheels and kickstands to keep them planted firmly in place.

05. Industrial Construction Sites

Large industrial developments, especially those located in areas with sparse lighting to begin with, require all the light they can get at day and at night. Light up your job site at night with an array of LED tower lights, or in some cases a single V20 Hyper LED Tower Light will suffice thanks to its 360-degree field of illumination and excellent anti-glare properties.

VMS Solutions

Take advantage of the superior lighting and affordability of our LED tower light hires at VMS Solutions today.

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