Keeping roads safe is a perpetual job, but it’s one that needs to be emphasised during roadworks on our busy roads and freeways. Keep your traffic management crew safe, keep motorists safe, and get the job done in compliance and with the utmost safety with a trusted solutions provider – VMS Solutions.

Who Builds the Roads?

With over 800,000 kilometres of paved roads stretching across Australia (175,000 km in Victoria alone) and 90 per cent of passenger travel happening on our roads at any given time, surely there is planning and forethought into the construction of roads across our nation.

In the current age, all roads in States such as Victoria fall under the jurisdiction of a combination of State authorities, local governments, and in some cases other authorities designated by the State of Victoria.

But who builds them? While the funding comes from taxpayer dollars (often paid in roughly equal contributions from Federal, State, and local governments), the works are carried out by private contractors tendering for projects from the State.

Contractors undertaking these projects are beholden to completing the works in a satisfactory manner, in accordance with engineering specifications and using approved materials and techniques to ensure that the works abide by heuristics such as the Guide to Road Design.

Public Roads Need to Be Safe

Roadworks need to be safe, and as mentioned, in accordance with design philosophy and heuristics by transport (civil) engineers. One prevailing criterion is that all roads and freeways in Australia must be safe.

This safety naturally needs to be present in the finished product. A road that permits a given legal speed limit, for example, will almost always have a safety limit that is marginally higher just in case someone ends up speeding beyond the legal limit.

The safety of our roads also extends to the actual construction process, too. Not only does the construction process need to be safe, such as using the right equipment and materials to do the job safely, but also to the tradesmen undertaking the job of constructing the roadway.

Roadworks & Safety

Road and highway construction crews need to be kept safe whilst working. Both crews working directly on the job site as well as traffic management crews are tasked with diverting the flow of traffic, in the case of roadworks on active and busy roads. There is a third important element, as well, namely the safety of drivers and pedestrians while the roadworks are taking place.

Traffic management plans by public sector engineers and contractors must consider all possibilities and details related to the safe and efficient flow of goods and people while work is underway, and this almost always requires some combination of VMS boards, water barriers hire, lights, and other traffic management devices on and often around the construction site.

VMS Solutions is consistently trusted by contractors and public roadworks departments to provide high-quality, high-visibility traffic management solutions that satisfy all of the needs in terms of safety and efficacy, wherever roadworks take place.

We are a VicRoads approved partner supplying dependable traffic management solutions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Contractors only need to bring qualified traffic management personnel – our equipment will help facilitate the rest.

VMS Solutions

For all of your traffic management equipment needs, look no further than VMS Solutions.

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