Safety is perhaps the single most important consideration for civil and transport engineers when planning and designing new roads, and safety remains the most important consideration whenever road maintenance projects are underway. The safe and efficient flow of traffic and goods hinges on diligent planning and design as well as the implementation of permanent or temporary traffic control devices.

For the latter, traffic management plans for job sites adjacent to on directly on public right-of-way must outline the placement of traffic management personnel as well as safety equipment such as traffic control lights, water barriers and cones, and more. Below are five different types of equipment hire that help to keep motorists safe:

Relay Vital Messages with VMS Boards

Need a versatile, portable way of relaying critical information to motorists and/or pedestrians? Rather than overwhelming them with multiple fixed signs, costing time and labour to install, VMS boards offer an effective method of communicating dynamic, real-time information day and night. This could include notifications of detours, temporary speed limit reductions, construction works ahead, and just about anything else that is required or desired.

Our VMS board hire offers clients the possibility to update messaging as desired, and the easy deployment of the board means that you can devote resources to your project immediately. The signs are solar-powered and energy-efficient, which makes them a hands-off, hassle-free way of relaying vital messages.

Improve Road Safety with Water Barriers

Simple and straightforward, water-filled barriers provide construction sites and roadworks projects with an effective method of delineating traffic flows. Whether that means temporarily alternating traffic flows through a constricted area, separating pedestrians from vehicular traffic, or simply cordoning off hazardous areas, water barriers are highly efficient as they’re easy to install for temporary projects.

Our water barriers assist with the absorption of impact, repelling vehicles in the same way that a concrete jersey barrier does. This helps to keep labourers and motorists safe in construction zones, and it also creates a visible barrier that can make it clear which areas are not authorised for entry.

Keep Roadways and Construction Sites Well-Lit with LED Light Towers

For any projects taking place before dawn or after dusk, adequate lighting is an absolute necessity. Our LED light tower hire is a convenient and cost-effective solution for illuminating job sites, enabling labourers to work safely any time of day or night but also during overcast days.

Illuminating job sites is one of the most simple and effective ways to boost safety, as it reduces the chances of accidents caused by poor visibility.

Manage Intersections and Road Segments with Traffic Lights for Hire

Most high-volume intersections will already use traffic lights (or a roundabout, for example), but the cost of installing a permanent traffic light system at an intersection is quite high. For temporary projects, this simply won’t do, which is why a portable traffic light hire is an excellent way of managing traffic flows temporarily and safely.

Channelise Traffic Flow with Arrow Boards

There isn’t really much to say about arrow boards, but they do provide a simple and effective means of improving safety for roadworks projects. Our ultra-bright LED-powered arrow boards are easy to transport and move as needed and can clearly relay their message to motorists from a reasonably far distance away.

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