How Traffic Management Equipment Keeps Motorists Safe

Safety is perhaps the single most important consideration for civil and transport engineers when planning and designing new roads, and safety remains the most important consideration whenever road maintenance projects are underway. The safe and efficient flow of traffic and goods hinges on diligent planning and design as well as the implementation of permanent or […]

Not Just Road Works: How VMS Solutions Delivers Quality to the Private Sector

When one thinks of roadworks and administration, perhaps the first thing that may come to mind is public projects funded by taxpayers. While much of the equipment used on roadworks projects is rented by public entities such as VicRoads and the Victoria State Government, many private sector companies have great reasons to rent safety equipment […]

What You Need to Know About Council Permits & Traffic Management Equipment

Want to get to work on roads and streets in Melbourne? Grab a shovel and get digging! Well, it’s a little more complicated than that unless you’ve got the strength of a real-life John Henry, and even then you’ll need to make sure you’ve got all of the bureaucracy out of the way first. If […]

Keeping Road Works Safe: Why VMS Solutions is a Trusted Partner

Keeping roads safe is a perpetual job, but it’s one that needs to be emphasised during roadworks on our busy roads and freeways. Keep your traffic management crew safe, keep motorists safe, and get the job done in compliance and with the utmost safety with a trusted solutions provider – VMS Solutions. Who Builds the […]

5 Key Reasons to Choose VMS Solutions for Traffic Management & Safe Roads

There are dozens of perfectly good reasons why clients choose VMS Solutions for high-quality, safe, and affordable traffic management solutions in Victoria. We’ve outlined five big ones right here: We Keep Our Vic Roads SAFE Safety is at the forefront of all that we do, in all of the services we provide, and in the […]

LED Light Towers: 5 Practical Uses

The V20 Hyper LED light tower for hire by VMS Solutions offers unrivalled illumination for a wide variety of applications. Equipped with anti-glare, 360-degree floodlights and a 140-hour runtime, it’s amongst the best LED light towers for uses such as: 01. Residential Construction Sites Whether you’re a building contractor overseeing the construction of a single […]